We test the way we teach!

We test the way we teach!

Stress-free and in a fun and effective way.

Many of us still remember the nervousness and great stress before an announced exam or test. Probably no one enjoyed it. At the same time, we all understand why some form of testing of newly acquired knowledge is necessary and why grades are required by parents, educators, and the students themselves. But what if you can test without unnecessary stress? Is there a way to take the stress out of testing and examining, and make testing both effective and fun? We believe there is, and we'll show you how!

The Wow!English method now comes with an innovative approach. We created a practical testing cookbook that includes test game guides, worksheets, and an objective assessment scale that is fair to all. We prepared a comprehensive and user friendly grading scale and guide following the model of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The teacher tests the pupils in activities and didactic games that the children are used to from English lessons and are "routine" for them. This allows pupils to concentrate on their skills and knowledge rather than worrying about not understanding the principle of the task and its assignment.

Wow!English is the first truly comprehensive system that confirms an established rule: "We test the way we teach." We test and assess all skills, not only writing and reading comprehension, but also the often neglected and very important listening and speaking skills.  We use different types of tasks to test them, classic writing exercises, but also drawing, linking or completing.

How would you feel if you knew you would be evaluated not for what you don't know, but for what you know and can do? Would it feel nice and motivating? Yes!

You are given a test. You run the test through with your eyes. I know, I know, I don't know, I don't know... by the time you reach the end of the sheet, the stress builds as it becomes clear that many of the questions will not be answered. What if someone offered to let you choose a given number of questions from all the test questions, and you didn't have to answer the ones you weren't sure about? Would that change the way you feel about taking a test and take stress away from you? Of course! In our method of testing, the examiner will ask you to answer 10 questions, but give you a choice of 15.

Yes, children learn new material in class. But is the only way to test them on what they have learned or not learned in school? Why not test what children have learned outside of school hours, for example in clubs, YouTube videos, computer games, movies and TV shows? Therefore, our tests include bonus sections which, if a child does not complete, does not answer or answers incorrectly, does not affect the assessment, but if they are successful in this section, they can use the bonus points to improve their assessment from the basic section, a form of a "joker card".

Grades, grades, grades....But how to assess and evaluate objectively?

Another very important part of innovative testing is that the grade is not the result of a comparison of "how the class is doing", where the best of the class gets a 1 and the worst a 5, but instead the results are objectively compared according to predefined criteria. This leads to a better classroom climate because students are not compared to each other, but always to an external, pre-determined scale. In addition, we take into account the fact that children are motivated to get good grades. That is why we grade grades 1, 2, 3 and N (no mark). With the help of the teacher and his/her feedback, the pupil has the opportunity to practise the material better and re-write the test.

Teacher feedback is crucial in our new testing and assessment. We think that not only the grade is functional in this respect. A comment that tells the child directly what his strengths and weaknesses are works much better. It makes children more accountable for their progress. They feel that the teacher perceives what they have worked on and improved.

With Wow!English, the teacher is not alone in teaching, nor in testing and assessment.

Our method includes an interconnected system of activities, games and opportunities to practice English. We have great visual aids.

Children are used to speaking, repeating and communicating from the Wow!English classes. The video songs and stories are an integral part of our method, they are elaborate videos with English teacher Steve that draw children into the world of English. We practice immersion learning, where the child is completely immersed in English. We teach the language in context, it's never about practicing single words or individual language structures, we always work in a complexity that language represents. A very popular way for children to automate new learning is through games. In Wow!English nothing is translated, everything is done in English, but thanks to gestures, facial expressions, pictures, videos and a sophisticated method, children understand and do not need translation into their mother tongue. We teach English as children learn their mother tongue from their parents.

If we compare it to Maths, for example, there we have to learn the basics and build on them. It's not like that with languages, it's more about layering - we layer different knowledge and skills on top of each other like onions - we "take in" information at different times and independently, we try to use new things to communicate with our environment, we make mistakes and move on and learn from them. Many people who have been taught by the translation method (vocabulary as a list and grammar without context) may have difficulty getting past one particular barrier (called a hitch), and therefore would rather not communicate than say something wrong. This is not the case with Wow!English, we have adapted our teaching and testing methods to this - ability to communicate in English without fear and stress.

Give the Wow!English method of English teaching and testing a chance. We're bringing a comprehensive system with new games, visuals and a detailed assessment scale, with which students can see how they are progressing in their performance thanks to feedback.



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