Wow! for kindergartens

Would you like to add English to the subjects you teach at kindergarten, but are worried your own language skills are not good enough?
No need to worry!

Steve s tužkou

We will teach you how to use Wow! materials.

They are, in contrast to other routinely used teaching materials, created specially for pre-school teachers and not only for language teachers.

Rely on experienced language teacher Steve.

He helps teachers with a minimum knowledge of English familiarise children with the basics of English in an effective way.

smějící se Steve

Steve a Maggie

Steve and Maggie help you with grammar and much more.

They offer you a helping hand with the right pronunciation and detailed plans for individual lessons.

We provide free professional training.

Teachers of Wow! can attend online training sessions at our Wow!Academy, where they learn in a fun way about our unique method and where they can find plenty of useful advice on teaching English.


Steve se štětci

Steve roste

We have a three-year programme for kindergartens for children of between 3 and 6 years of age.

Wow!Yellow, Wow!Blue and Wow!Red are flexible teaching materials that allow children in mixed-age classes to start with English.

How does Wow! work?

Take a look at a demo of our method.


The interactive My Wow! portal really is worth a visit. There are plenty of fun videos with Steve, Maggie and Bobby and our application for Android and iOS means that you can play videos anytime and anywhere, without any adverts. Super, isn't it?