Children: learn English
with Steve and Maggie!

Parents: give your children what they want.

Steve Maggie

There are some things that your children will need in the future – knowing English is one of those things.

Wow! materials let children master English with surprising ease.
After all, Steve motivates them to communicate in an entirely natural way. It is like having a British native speaker at home, an English-speaking virtual friend for your children!

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Children love Steve because:

  • English with him is fun.
  • When children are having fun, they naturally repeat what they hear.
  • Properly repeated sentences in English motivate them for other activities.
  • Children feel successful when they are actively involved on their own.
  • The feeling of success leads to a positive relationship to learning.
  • Children enjoy English and the whole recurring process therefore becomes easier.


Find out for yourself.

Wow! materials are unique because:

Steve stojí s tužkou

  • Absolutely all children are able to successfully learn English with them.
  • They use the language of a native speaker in a way that is entirely natural to them.
  • The use of a real human face brings emotional memory into play – the children experience everything, meaning they remember it better.
  • They use topic-related, entertaining video stories and video songs that naturally motivate and entertain from start to finish.

You can see with your own eyes the progress a child will make with Steve and Maggie. All you have to do is enter our world!

Loads of fun and learning!

The YouTube education channel with Steve is one of the biggest in the world. It has millions of fans and has been viewed billions of times. We distribute Wow! materials to schools in dozens of countries all over the world. Discover their quality for yourself!


2.5 billionviews on Youtube


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146 countriesentertained by Steve and Maggie

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Children learn from printed materials, of course, but mainly from multimedia content. Everything is therefore 100 % learning through play. We are moving with the times – we have our own application for the most commonly available platforms.


The interactive My Wow! portal really is worth a visit. There are plenty of fun videos with Steve, Maggie and Bobby and our application for Android and iOS means that you can play videos anytime and anywhere, without any adverts. Super, isn't it?