References from Wow! teachers from all over the world

References from Wow! teachers from all over the world

The Wow! materials are being used by schools and teachers all around the world. Here is their experience:


Getxo, Hey Let's English – Jairo Navarro

With the Wow!Method we have achieved that our students are motivated, concentrated and learn to produce structures in English in a much faster way than with traditional methods. Our teachers and parents of the children are very happy and motivated as well.

Ceuta, British Academy Ceuta – Scott Thomas

Finding the Wow!Materials and the Wow!Method has been a great discovery for our language school and students. Apart from all the training and support, they also provide engaging materials, interactive resources to learn from home, well-structured lesson plans and an excellent variety of fun activities to play in class, which really spark our students' imagination and is making the learning process fun and efficient.

Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura, Vision Education Institute – Ruwan Nishantha

The classroom is active from beginning to end with interactive activities. The students acquire language simultaneously without any force and teacher's role is supporting children. This is beyond traditional "chalk and board method".


Pécs, Sarolta Márk

We like Wow! because the songs are really funny and easy to follow, the workbook is nice and we like the short stories and the colouring and other activities, and the games are motivating and children enjoy them.

The Teaching manual/Gamebank is very useful and with this help it is extremely easy to prepare for the lessons. As a teacher you can also put your own ideas in your lesson plans and make the class your own-style, still with the strong base of the Wow!Method.

The online teacher-training is great and the support from the WattsEnglish Team is fantastic - fast, friendly and continuous, you belong to the WattsEnglish Family and it is the biggest Wow!

This method just works! And works really efficiently. I can see the progress from lesson to lesson. The children are gaining so much knowledge and they love learning, playing with this method. I have taught English for kids with other methods and for comparison I can tell that this really works. This method is so well planned, assembled and carried out that as a teacher I am more than satisfied with Wow!


 Nuoro (Sardinia), Dana Schlitzova

I teach English with the engaging Wow!Materials in Sardinia. All the materials for the teachers are really fantastic and very easy to use. They are full of great tips and hints. The children love the colourful workbooks with a real face of Steve and Maggie the Magpie on every page and they have so much fun watching the video stories and video songs! I honestly recommend the Wow!Method and its magic Wow!Materials to all the teachers. You will make your students happy and interested in English. Just 3 words are enough to describe the Wow!Method: FUN, EASY and EFFECTIVE!

Pistoia, Elena Innocenti

My children and I love using the Wow!Materials because it is fun, colourful and really interesting for learning lots of vocabulary. The real faces and DVDs, inside the Wow! books, are the amazing helpers to introduce the lessons in a funny way! 

My children love Steve and Maggie’s stories! I suggest to know the materials and the videos even for non-native teachers and the Teacher’s guide is useful for preparing the lessons.

We really like the Wow!Materials! :)

Villacidro (Sardinia), Ivana Saiu

I'm extremely satisfied with the Wow!Methodology. As soon as I got the didactic materials, I realized how easy it is to put into practice the lessons that WE team has recommended. 

There is a book full of the games and the songs are original and catchy. Kids love to watch the video clips and they adore to sing together with Steve and Maggie.

Our lessons are just fun for the children and for me as well! Thank you Wattsenglish!!! 

Messina (Sicily), Teacher Edith

Wow!English is the best resource for teachers: full of useful tips, ideas, lesson plans, Gamebank, songs, videos. It simplifies lesson planning, keeps the classroom running smoothly, engages students. Wow! involves families in learning, too, thanks to the Wow!Materials: books, cds and dvds that they can use at home. With the Wow!Methodology and its main characters, Steve and Maggie, students learn English in funny and easy way. I highly recommend it to everyone!

We just love Wow! 

Catania (Sicily), Teacher Margherita

Wow!Materials are colorful, easy to use and understand, pleasant songs and funny movies. The methodology works very well, children play and learn while having fun and moving. They are always looking forward to the next English class!

Pomezia, Emanuela Iovini

Fantastic materials, great tips for teachers. Children love Maggie and Steve. They enjoy the video clips and the songs are easy to sing along to!!!




Shtip, Foreign Language Centre "Delta Zita Mi" - Dijana Nikolova

Our language school became very attractive since we started implementing the Wow!Methodology along with the Wow!Materials.

The main reason our teachers love to use both the methodology and materials is because they are innovative and successful - they have ready detailed lesson plan for each lesson, so the teachers spend less time preparing for class in advance. There are many supplementary teaching resources and teachers use them gladly in order to make their lessons engaging and interesting.

Every lesson is unique and different so the students aren’t bored, they have fun instead which makes the process of learning English more effective and easier. The children start to use English very spontaneously and naturally.

The parents are contented as well because their kids love Steve and Maggie and attend English lessons with enthusiasm. They also can notice the progress very soon after their child had started with the course. The curriculum of the Wow!Materials corresponds to the one at school. The result of the Wow! course is: Happy students - happy teachers and even more happy parents.


Sofia, iStudy Language School in Sofia - Irina Marinov

Wow!English materials are great! They are very engaging for the teachers as well as students and their parents. The videos are entertaining and at the same time provide young learners with more in-depth knowledge of the language. The characters are wonderful and Maggie in particular has become the children’s favourite “naughty bird”. Steve’s presence in the classroom through the video clips and songs is irreplaceable experience. It is as if having a second teacher in the classroom. The books are children-friendly and provide just enough material as to always have time for games and interaction.


Riga, Valodu kursi Tev - Lingita Lina Bopulu

We are happy to work with Wow!English materials and Wattsenglish team. Have you ever thought about teaching English to children? We are suggesting to choose Wow!English materials. Why? –  Working with Wattsenglish team means support in everyday life, understanding and positive attitude.


Split, FUN2LEARN Škola stranih jezika - Ivana Akrap Antic

Working with very young learners, we dabbled with a lot of courses and online materials trying to tailor them to what we felt teaching very young learners should be like - super fun, dynamic, packed with games and TPR activities but also centered around suitable LL video stories/songs that can be watched at home. 

This (the video component) was the primary reason we tried the Wow! series but found it to be so much more. What struck us was how comprehensive the courses were, the abundance of thought-out and tried-out activities and games that are low-prep and actually work in the classroom with young learners.

The methodology training is clear, succinct and undoubtedly useful especially (but not only) for teachers new to teaching very young learners

Our students  LOVE Steve and Maggie. They find the videos hilarious and can't wait for us to play them in class even though they have them at home!

As far as the courses for older children are concerned (Bronze and Silver), we also found that they were exactly what we needed. They're clearly more „schoolish“ that the previous courses but are still fun, humorous and highly motivating, a great mix of the „serious“ and playful.


Braunschweig, Kilangu - Sprachen spielend lernen - Ulrike Scherweit

Catchy songs, enjoyable games and activities, drilling the target language is beneficial, well-structured lesson plans, focus on showing, not just telling. 


Warsaw, Horyzont Education - Magdalena Kosinska

Whoever meets with Wow!English is fascinated by its effectiveness.

The children are happy because of the interesting and fun lessons – they want to participate and are not afraid to speak English. Often they do not notice that they need to use a different language – they start speaking naturally. They love to take part in all games that are prepared especially for their age – it is a guarantee of a positive and successful classroom management. They quickly catch all words and structures, use them actively with a British accent – it develops their language ability in all aspects.

The parents are thankful that their children learn English without any discussion – they just want to spend time with Steve and Maggie while singing and speaking. Parents know very well what is covered during the lessons and can check their child´s progress.

Teachers are happy because everything is carefully prepared for them (lesson plans, films and songs, flashcards, games, classroom management tips and much more) – they can fully focus on their students.

Kindergarten and school directors are glad to have this program – it is a unique concept that helps them compete on their local market. They can even accept teacher´s change during a school year without big problems, because the program gives them stability and freedom.

All the levels are very coherent and give the opportunity to continue with one method for 8 years.

We are glad to recommend Wow!English to all people who want to be successful with teaching English to children.

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The interactive My Wow! portal really is worth a visit. There are plenty of fun videos with Steve, Maggie and Bobby and our application for Android and iOS means that you can play videos anytime and anywhere, without any adverts. Super, isn't it?