How to teach English vocabulary – Part 1: Flash cards – learning words the fun way

How to teach English vocabulary – Part 1: Flash cards – learning words the fun way

Are you thinking about how to effectively teach children new words? ake some inspiration from these examples with flash cards from the Wow!English method. You can make everything you need on your own!


An easy game

What are you going to need?

  • Flash cards (each card = one word)
  • A blank card (you can use the reverse side of another flash card)

How do you work with the cards?

Hold the flash card in front of you and cover it with another, blank card so that the children can’t see the picture at all. Slowly reveal the card and ask, "What is it?". First try to reveal a part of the card so that it is not immediately clear what is on the hidden card. Praise the pupils even for answering “I don’t know” and motivate them to say this sentence out loud when they don’t know. This drills the phrase and negation alike. Slowly reveal the card bit-by-bit and keep asking, "What is it?", until someone says the correct answer or the card has been fully revealed. Praise the children even if their answer is not a complete sentence – you can then say a complete sentence and have the class say it with you … Repeat the question and answer three times. You can at the same time alter your voice (pitch or volume) – the children will take in the word more easily.


Generally a harder game.

What are you going to need?

  • Flash cards with words
  • A bag or a box

How to make a Magic Bag?

You can make a Magic Bag in only 5 minutes! All you need is a paper bag or a box, a piece of paper, a marker pen, scissors and some glue (or adhesive tape). Write “Magic Bag” on the piece of paper, cut it out and glue it to your brand new Magic Bag or Box. You might find some inspiration in the photo. Take your Magic Bag and put several flash cards inside. Grab the children's attention by rummaging around inside the bag and use voice intonation and facial expressions to let them know there is something exciting inside. Then ask the children, in turn, to draw one card out of the bag. Then ask them, "What is it?". If the child doesn't know, tell him/her. Make sure that the child then answers in a full sentence – “It’s a/an …". Repeat the question and answer three times.

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